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This is a quick and dirty little program I wrote to parse the Forerunner Logbook XML file into days for importing into Doug Cox's USAPhotoMaps and Adam Schneider's GPS Visualizer.
To make it work you will have to either have Microsoft's Visual Basic installed on your machine or install the Visual Basic Run Time Files avaiable to download here:;en-us;290887

If you get the error:

"Component MSCOMCT2.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid."

Your will need to install the Active X controls found here:;en-us;297381#kb1

This program is very simple just put it in it's own directory with the XML data file from the Forerunner Logbook.

When you run it you will have the option to parse all of the "runs" into individual files, the last user definable days or just today's.

Download DayBreaker Version 9.6

Many thanks to the following people without who's help this would not work as well as it does!

Tim Grose
Ronald WJ Hommes
Adam Schneider
Ryan Janzen

For all kinds of tips and tricks on how to use your Forerunner visit DiverHanks
Garmin Forerunner 201 Undocumented Features

New 25 October 2004

No big shakes here just further refinement of GPX implentation.

24 October 2004

The Laps as Waypoints thing was just not working so I took that out and cleaned up the GPX file format output.

23 October 2004

Thanks to Adam Schneider got the GPX file format closer to the GPX standard and added Laps as WayPoints.

19 October 2004

By popular demand this version has added GPX files. I don't really use them so please holler if you experience any problems.

17 October 2004

Ok yeah the way I implemented the optional High ASCII filter was bad. I just don't really understand XML that well but I've learned a few things which is always a pleasure. It now takes any High ASCII character and, as Adam suggested, puts the proper code to represent that character in html or XML. A lot easier to do than my original approach, duh. It also converts the lower ASCII characters "<" and "&" which can also make XML very unhappy.

16 October 2004

Corrected an error that was caused by trying to parse files on the day that you first got your Forerunner. That is if all your runs took place on the day you are running DayBreaker and error was generated. Should be fixed.

16 October 2004

Implemented Adam Schneider's (author of GPSVisualizer) suggestion to allow users to filter out characters above ASCII 127 which creates havoc with XML files. This part may not be wise - we shall see - I made an attempt to convert the errant characters to the closest character I could find in the lower 127. For example a "" with an umlaut (two dots above the character) now becomes a simple "u". Not at all sure how this will work in practice so please holler at me if you have a better suggestion.

01 October 2004

There was a problem with the XML file name selector giving a "file not found error" if a file named "walk.xml" was not in the directory you were working in. This release should hopefully fix that problem.

22 September 2004

You should be able to select your XML Data file no matter what it is named as long as it is in the same directory. Version 6 hopefully takes care of the European Date issues - new way of thinking about it may even have some pluses like using the actual local day names.

23 July 2004

Version 5 Takes care of European Dates, adds a good deal of control over selecting dates to parse. Added an option to output a comma delineated file for input into programs like "Streets and Trips". Multiple "runs" on a day now sort in order.

19 July 2004

Version 4 Hopefully fixed the European Date problem and acquiesced to file names that would sort by date. Changed last week setting to user definable days back setting.

18 July 2004

Version 2B Fixed the issue with GPS Visualizer and it should work now. There is still an issue with European dates naming the daily files properly. I hope to have a solution soon for my friends across the pond - check back for an update.


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