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Gentle Travelers,

Have I got a deal for you, no really. I would like through this page to bring back the fine art of bartering. I've figured out how to do some things and the effort expended seems like it might have a wider appeal than just for my pleasure. So if your interested I'd like to trade my stuff for your stuff. This may be a really bad idea and may not go anywhere but I thought I'd give it a shot.

For starters I don't want any money involved at all. So no postage, no handling, I send you my stuff and you send me your stuff. So if you see anything below that you're interested in send me an offer of stuff at I'm interested in all kinds of stuff so all serious offers will be considered ~ surprise me.

I'm particularly interested in old film, television and radio programs, anything to do with Tarzan or Sherlock Holmes. Right now I'm trying to fill out my DC Tarzan comic set. I need issues 214, 238, 249, 250 or anything less than 207. Would really like to find a copy of Robert Day's Hollywood on Vine: A Tarzan Tribute.

The goal here is to have fun so if that's not how you view this or you have some other motive, thanks for stopping by, but please don't get involved.

Over n out,

          Trader Horn

Nat Hiken


Nat Hiken

I'm a huge fan of the work of Nat Hiken and his shows Car 54 Where Are You and You'll Never Get Rich. I have several episodes of each show that I've converted to DVD and would love to get some more. If you have any please contact me and lets trade.



Fellow Traders and Collectors

Here is a list of my current wish list.:

Edgar Rice Burroughs Media List

If you have any leads, tapes, dvd's, ideas were I might find these please contact me at:



One of the thing's I've figured out is how to download the public domain films at home of the prestigious Prelinger Archives and turn them into DVD's. The goal of the Prelinger Archive it to care for and protect these orphaned films through their philosophy summed up I think by this statement: "You are also warmly encouraged to share, exchange, redistribute, transfer and copy these films, and especially encouraged to do so for free."

I spruce them up by adding graphics, titles and chapters. My first effort was Tarzan's Revenge which came out better than I expected. Of course you can do the same thing if you have the time and equipment. Oh hell drop me line if you have any questions about how I did this and I'll be glad to help you.

Some of these come from old video tapes that I have converted to DVD. Remember these are intended for me so I do my very best to use the best elements I can find and digitize them to the highest quality I can attain. However these do not compare to a first generation contemporary commercially released DVD.

These DVD's do not play on every player so we can work out a test if you aren't sure about yours.


The  Son of Tarzan (1920)  fifteen part serial staring Kamuela C. Searle as Korak son of the legendary ape man Tarzan, This DVD is terrible but it is made from the best elements available. I understand there is a pristine print in a library somewhere but it has not bee released. At one point I started to reedit this copy to make it some what better, after awhile  I realized it would be an onerous task with far more imperfections than I could eliminate. So for those who are curious about this film here it is. However be warned it stutters, jumps and is hard on the eyes and ears.

Tarzan's Revenge (1938) stars Olympic champs Glenn Morris and Eleanor Holm. Tarzan rescues Eleanor from slimy Jungle Sultan Ben Alieu Bey. Black and White 70 minutes.

The New Adventures of Tarzan (1935) Staring my second favorite Tarzan Herman Brix or Bruce Bennett. This film was compiled from the first half of the Burroughs produced serial of the same name. Black and White 71 minutes

Tarzan and the Green Goddess (1938) The second half of The New Adventures of Tarzan serial compiled into feature film. Black and White 68 minutes.
Two documentaries on the literary and motion picture history of the character Tarzan. These were taped from over the air television some years ago and cleaned up as best as my limited talents would allow, then burned to DVD. There are some surprise bonuses, write if you wish more details. Black and white and color approximately 100 minutes.
Windows Platform CD-Rom
Off the Wall Tarzan Compilation (2004)This one is hard to explain. It is for Tarzan completests. I collect references to Tarzan in a variety of media and then put them together in a form that suits my fancy. To enjoy this you will need a reasonable Windows computer and CD-Rom drive.
Audio Only CD
Tarzan of the Air! The first 77 episodes of Tarzan of the Apes (1932 - 1933), 39 episodes of Tarzan and the Diamonds of Asher (1934) and 39 episodes of Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr (1936). These radio programs star James Pierce and his wife Jane Burroughs Pierce the daughter of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Episodes seem to be edited to just the program and each is approximately ten minutes long. These CD-Roms provide the programs as MP3 files. Contact me if you would like them on audio CD's that will play on most regular cd players.
Here are the first ten episodes of the 1951 Tarzan of the Air series which stared Lamont Johnson as the white skinned ape. Each show is a complete story that plays out to a conclusion in a little less than half and hour, Sound quality is very good.  I went back as close to the original analog source material as possibly, digitized and restored each program, None of these programs come from over cycled mp3 files. These shows are available in two formats: Self-contained high quality high bit rate mp3 files with built in player and broadcast information. They are also available on Audio CD's at three to a disk. To get them to fit three to a CD on the occasional show there is a clip here or a clip there - nothing significant nor was anything that impacted on the story in anyway excised.

These  programs were well done with decent acting and production values, music and sound FX.

The first set is ready so make me an offer I can't refuse - I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


For lots more fun with Tarzan and Edgar Rice Burroughs please visit our friends at . . .
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